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    Barry Singing to Iris – The Flash 3×17 Ending Scene 

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    Jay Garrick Owns Barry 

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    SDCC: DCTV on Conan – UPDATED 

    Highlight being Conan points out Barry Allen’s severe lack of self-reliance on Flash.

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    Jessie L. Martin’s Birthday 


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    Rest of Flash Season 2 Trailer 

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    Check out @FLASHProdOffice’s Tweet 

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    “Flash of Two Worlds” Review 

    I hyped myself too much cause “Man Who Saved Central City” was an underwhelming season premiere same for IZombie which I’ve enjoyed previous. Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) hammed it up, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) mop about Ronnie Raymond’s “death” for the majority of the epsiode leaving Team Flash to hog the spotlight (Smallville deja vu). Cliffhanger with The Singularity resolved quickly. This alternate universe can’t keep going without Eobard Thawne existing. John Wesley Shipp leaving irrated me especially on Henry’s flimsy speech which goes against what he said in finale.

    I’m currently reading DC’s Library featuring Barry and Jay Garrick’s adventures collected while writing this. Barry meets Jay when he comes out of retirement to take on Fiddler, Thinker, and Shade as opposed to in his prime while second year as Crimson Comet. Teddy Sears great addition to the cast portraying Jay’s nobility and optimism in-contrast to everybody else. He’ll serve as a true mentor for Barry unlike his false idol. The ability to throw lighting bolts something Captain Marvel would do.

    Zoom voiced by Tony Todd (Candyman) more Death Flash then another Reverse. It’s probably Stock Boyfriend back-from-the-dead corrupted by Speed Force energy instead of Colbalt Blue.

    At least Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) earned her position on Joe West’s vacant Anti-Metahuman task force unlike his daughter who was handed a Picture News job without much credentials. Patty could possibly 52 universe where they’re already an item causing annoying love-triangle-melodrama.

    Unfornately, Barry’s first kill with this new move very jarring. You’d think Jesse L. Martin’s character would tell his surgent-son about Iron Heights offically able to contain Metahumans. While it’s understandable why he has trust-issues, still got absurd towards imprisioning Jay after calling them out on their paranoia. Barry’s bad attutide got obnoxious halfway through similar to how Clark (Tom Welling) distrusted every future ally he encountered.

    Catlin (Danielle Panabaker) having hots for Jay isn’t suprising despite Jay already has someone special named Joan Matthews. Iris still dumb cause Barry didn’t defeat Eobard. He kicked his ass since he’s still a rookie in his second year under-the-name Scarlet Speedster.

    Series starting to lose-focus on Fastest Man Alive by plugging other heroes to-be-featured in upcoming Non-Justice League (Legends of Tomorrow) shown in this year’s reel using Eddie Slick aka Sand Demon (Kett Turton) being another Firestorm villain for them to fight.

    Despite things that peeved me, this should’ve been opener. Good start to assembling Flash Family. Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West and Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), daughter to Johnny Chambers/Quick (Golden Age) speaks a formula (3x29YZ4A) to access his speed still to come. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) collapsing been separate from Ronny (Robbie Amell) for so long would’ve happened sooner.

    Rating: 7 1/2

    Tom Cavanagh returning as Harrsion Wells means this Earth-2 version is evil unlike in this world where he was good before Thawne (Matt Letscher) took his face.

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    Flash “Fallout” Review 

    Episode twelve, “Crazy for You” was filler with Brtine Oldford (American Horror Story) guest starred as another Wally West adversary/ally (like Girder), Shawna Baez aka Peek-A-Boo (really Johns?) portrayed as Harley Quinn with Nightcrawler’s powers even though her comic counterpart’s teleportations are supposed to be destructive. Even writers, Aaron Helbing and Todd Helbing ripped-off “see where I’m going” line from X2.

    Post-Crisis Jason Rusch/Mick Wong during Infinite Crisis really got me into Firestorm having seen Ronald Raymond/Martin Stein’s appearence-on Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (season six episode five, The Wild CardsCartoon Network reruns back-in-the-ninties.

    Victor Garber (Alias) acts over-essentric in-the-role-of Proffessor Stein especially in the scenes when sharing thoughts/feelings about pizza or explaining to Barry about time travel it’s enjoyable. Pretty gruesome for Ronald (Robbie Amell, Stephen’s cousin) cutting “Where” onto his arm with broken glass after feeling Stein being tortured by Clancy Brown’s General Wade Elling along-with Eobard’s contribution beforehand by-means-of a drugged icecube for Martin’s scotch. Not suspring considering his prior urge to just kill them both with his gun (episode thirteen, “The Nuclear Man'”) other-then Tom Cavanagh saying the show’s catchphrase here. Elling adds to short list of people that see through Eobard’s humanitarian facade (Joe West and Tina McGee).

    Martin not wanting his research to be weaponized blows my theory he went to Star Labs that night sabotage the Particle Accelerator (protesters included) with his F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M matrix which is still too long an acronym.

    However, biggest plothole to Nora Allen’s murder case is that CCPD would’ve found that spot-of-blood-on-the-wall had they focused police procedure on entire house rather then just their living room makes them incompetent. To have Joe (Jesse L. Martin) along-with Cisco finding this evidence fifteen years later to-be lazy. Elling tranquilzing/gassing everyone at CW’s stockplace (Jitters) to capture “The Burning Men” in public should’ve drawn unneeded attention to his operation that-one should’ve been a black-ops objective.

    While glad they have Candice Patton’s Iris working at Picture News like she should do but didn’t care about her snooping subplot. She or her colleague, Mason Bridge (Roger Howorth) might do something dumb to escalate current problems in Central City like freeing inmates at Star Labs’ Gulag. Especially don’t care for further love triangle moments using Wally’s girl (Linda Park) now there’s two versions around (like Cat Grant).

    Rating: 8

    “Wells” is a Reverse Flash as we all knew however another person is possible. Still don’t know what he gets from Grodd besides his trust for his “kindness” to him during his captivity days. No matter, his identity gets exposed a month from now:

    Cisco isn’t gonna walk out of Star Labs alive having figured it out since it hasn’t clicked in Barry’s head that his idol/”mentor” is obssessed with him in that sick-fixation kinda way.

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    Flash “Revenge of the Rogues” Review 

    Aaron Couch, editor of The Hollywood Reporter followed me while live-tweeting the episode. Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold is full-fledged supervillan when he and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) steal a priceless painting, Fire & Ice (not subtle Johns). Telling Mick Rory to put his-seat-belt-on during a failed confrontation with The Scarlet Speedster (which Snart calls him) his intellectual performance.

    Star Labs continuing to help Central City’s Finest to reconcile the Partial Accelerator incident to counteract this threat (with many more to come) adds more points to the show. Barry revealing his persona to the world (unlike a certain farmboy) scores another big development with this excellent momenteum. Alternate Eobard Thawne (Harrison Wells) almost blew his cover by getting out of his wheelchair to save Mr. Allen from an oncoming drone. Tom Cavanagh shows his character’s ambition rather then his usual inherent anger despite some supposed humanity later on:

    In case you doubt it, you pushed me to be better too.

    How you gonna explain the people you killed or manipulated to keep your friend/enemy safe? Glad Joe (Jesse L. Martin) be supcious of him again after convincing his surgent-son not getting involved to focus on catching Original Reverse-Flash. Noticed Jesse kept his beanie on throughout.

    Iris (Candice Patton) giving Barry his childhood backpack (with Space Ghost comic inside) was a more thoughtful gift then just-another microscope to use at the Crime Lab. Walking onto a shootout so she can be with her Pretty Boy (Rick Cosnett) was still dumb. Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) should’ve kick her off she’s still a waitress nor “reporter” (copy/paste other people’s posts). Her turtle doll probably referencing Turtle Man the Slowest Villian Alive or her future nephew’s pet. Carlos Valdes (Cisco) drops some of-that comic-relief to give a genuine speech.

    Purcell however overacts Mick’s pyromania, pulling a manical laugh in the climax, topping off with a Bill Goldberg impression at Joe’s gun while struggling with CCPD earns funniest moment. Barry in his normal voice shouting out-loud into his communicator with Singh, Eddie, in-addition Iris being there not smart. Snart would’ve been smart to counteract their plan to cross-the-streams. Joe telling Cold to freeze (punny) just asks to get shot.

    Rating: 7

    Samuel Scudder aka Mirror Master is the only one left to complete the roster. Eobard uses his speed (red streak) which is probably from the charge in his suit. Episode fifteen will tackle the time-travel aspect could break the camel’s back.

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    Flash: Rogues Revolution 

    I decided to make an acception with this other 52 title since Geoff Johns’ Aquaman run ended last year aswell-as before the upcoming CW series airs next week since their going to be using the super-powered versions of The Scarlet Speedster’s adversaries.

    Iron Heights’ inmates have an honor-among-thieves aspect that most villians in the DC Universe don’t have when they join forces because they’ll always backstab each other to keep whatever goal or objective is all-for themselves. They all want the same thing which is money. A classic motivation after “they’re just psychotic” (Dork Knight’s rogues) overexposure cause it’s trendy.

    Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold views them as a crime family where-as Lisa alias Glider (Cold’s sister) uses it as a-means-to-an-end to carry out revenge (in this version) their maker, Darwin Elias. Don’t mind Mark Martin/Weather Wizard being changed to an Latino drug dealer named Marco Mardon. I’ve always thought he’d have a god-complex since he having abilities to control the elements. Henry Allen encouraging his son to move on after being imprisoned for his wife’s murder makes me really look forward to scenes between Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp.

    However, Barry faking his death while living in Central City’s ghetto with all-expenses paided by BatGod is the most idiotic thing ever. They have a right to know when it comes to Secret Identites with your loved ones. Patty Spivot (his new love-interest) being selfish by going behind your boss’ back to investigate Marco’s cartel in order to deal with your personal pain while having a bad attitude when your employer shows concern for her well-being doesn’t make you endearing. Still don’t like how Barry’s uniform forms over his body like post-its rather then electrical energy within the Speed Force which is better then coming out of a ring.

    Gorilla Grodd, who rules Gorilla City while his fellow primates (no appearence of Solovar) prophesied Crimson Comet’s coming ala Chosen One cliché. Miss the days where a hero’s origin was just accidental not predestined (Amazing Spider-Man 2). Don’t think I’ll continue reading with Gorilla Warfare especially since Grodd invading Central cuts-off the confrontation seen on front cover.

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