Flash: Rogues Revolution

I decided to make an acception with this other 52 title since Geoff Johns’ Aquaman run ended last year aswell-as before the upcoming CW series airs next week since their going to be using the super-powered versions of The Scarlet Speedster’s adversaries.

Iron Heights’ inmates have an honor-among-thieves aspect that most villians in the DC Universe don’t have when they join forces because they’ll always backstab each other to keep whatever goal or objective is all-for themselves. They all want the same thing which is money. A classic motivation after “they’re just psychotic” (Dork Knight’s rogues) overexposure cause it’s trendy.

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold views them as a crime family where-as Lisa alias Glider (Cold’s sister) uses it as a-means-to-an-end to carry out revenge (in this version) their maker, Darwin Elias. Don’t mind Mark Martin/Weather Wizard being changed to an Latino drug dealer named Marco Mardon. I’ve always thought he’d have a god-complex since he having abilities to control the elements. Henry Allen encouraging his son to move on after being imprisoned for his wife’s murder makes me really look forward to scenes between Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp.

However, Barry faking his death while living in Central City’s ghetto with all-expenses paided by BatGod is the most idiotic thing ever. They have a right to know when it comes to Secret Identites with your loved ones. Patty Spivot (his new love-interest) being selfish by going behind your boss’ back to investigate Marco’s cartel in order to deal with your personal pain while having a bad attitude when your employer shows concern for her well-being doesn’t make you endearing. Still don’t like how Barry’s uniform forms over his body like post-its rather then electrical energy within the Speed Force which is better then coming out of a ring.

Gorilla Grodd, who rules Gorilla City while his fellow primates (no appearence of Solovar) prophesied Crimson Comet’s coming ala Chosen One cliché. Miss the days where a hero’s origin was just accidental not predestined (Amazing Spider-Man 2). Don’t think I’ll continue reading with Gorilla Warfare especially since Grodd invading Central cuts-off the confrontation seen on front cover.