Sleepy Hollow: Season 1 Recap

I wasn’t too keen on Fix producing an adaptation of my childhood Halloween story written by Washington Iriving (Rip Van Winkle) ever since first exposure to Disney’s iteration, scarcely hearing Glen Close’s narration, and Tim Burton’s version included. But what Alex Kurtsman along with Roberto Orci (Star Trek) including Len Wiseman (Underworld) came up with an incarnation that fills-the-void since Supernatural has outlived it’s existence.

After Ichabod Crane is killed-in-action during The Revolutionary War by The Headless Horsemen then being decapitated by him as opposed to cannonball, Crane is resurrected in modern-time Mount Pleasant by-means-of Katrina Van Tessel (Katia Winter) who’s married to the Schoolmaster similar-in-that they’re both defectors of their organizations (witch-cult and Great Britian) to stop The Apocalypse brought on through a demon called Moloch. Tom Mison (One Day) said in an interview that he enjoys playing the character which definitely shows on-screen.

Braun Bones (Abraham) revealed in “Necromancer” (episode eight) to-be The Horsemen wasn’t susprising but not in a bad way. They were kinda entwined subsquently dressed-up to spirited-away Ichabod as a practical joke (which was motivation for DC’s Scarecrow) that Katrina was in-on aswell in previous materials.

Clancy Brown‘s shortlived Sheriff August Corbin uncovered it which is later picked up by his partner, Abbie Mills (Nicole Beherie) then later brought-in Captain Frank Irving played by Orlando Jones aka Clifford Franklin in addition Jenny (Abbie’s estranged sister). He’ll probably write the exploits called “The Cases” rather then “Legend” if the show either gets canelled (like Almost Human which derailed) or when it ends.

Didn’t see that twist with John Noble’s Sin Eater character (episode six) was Crane and former Van Tessel’s abandoned son, Jeremy (episode ten, “The Golem”) aka War (season finale, “Bad Blood”) coming. He’s better at playing villians like Denethor in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King…especially voicing Brainiac from Superman: Unbound.