The Incredibles: Family Matters

Being one of my favorite Pixar films, I saw G-Man of Comic Vine‘s review of an issue of Boom Studios’ comic tie in where Mr. Incredible losing his powers, which sucks for Bob because he’s a hero first and foremost.

After a long delay, finally got the time to read it from start to finish. Decent story with Elasticgirl’s arch enemy, Organa’s vengeance of cake and cookies that can nutrize her powers. But Bob unknowingly eats it instead and is forced to use the direct approach by her blob monsters attacking the household. Unfornately Jill kepted it a secret from her family, which is the learning curve for Bob.

Were introduced to a new character, Edna’s cousin, Dr. Sunbright, physicist for The Supers. Violet develops a romantic relationship with one of Jill’s sons. Guess her fling with Tony Rydinger didn’t last too long.

Mark Waid overuses the exclamation point at the end of every dialouge. Especially in non action scenes or the instance where Frozone and Bob are supposed to be quietly sneaking back into the house. Lastly a Metroville newsreporter is clueless when the one creature Dash engages start spliting. How can you miss something when it happened right in front of you?

The one thing about the Disney/Marvel merge that I would love to see that could be interesting is them to encounter The Fantastic Four.