Batman: Under The Red Hood Review

I enjoyed the last feature, Crisis on Two Earths (which I still watch frequently). DC Universe films have been whooping Marvel‘s ass, so here are my thoughts on Batman’s third film in this line.

Wade Williams as Black Mask was the highlight performance. With an unbelievable sense of rage that either figuratively steam would come out of the voice actor’s ears or his head explode.

One of the best moments in this film is where he says to the new guy joining the mob, “You keep staring at me like that, I’m gonna cut your eyes out”. There’s a pause which is then followed by a Falcon Punch. Bruce Greenwood did a good job as The Dark Knight. He pulled off the father figure which is essential to this story that was adapted by the original writer, Judd Winick.

There’s an excellent chase scene with The Caped Crusader, Nightwing, and Red Hood across the Gotham City rooftops. Plus all the fight scenes were amazingly well choreographed.

Alexander Martella and Vincent Martella nailed the second Robin in the flashbacks with young Jason Todd transitioning from the light hearted sidekick to the character’s infamous trait to talking back to his mentor.

While David Warner and Mark Hamill will always be the quintessential voices to Ra’s Al Ghul and The Joker, Jason Issacs along with John Di Maggio did fine for what they were given.

Big problem with Ra’s being involved with the resurrection (as opposed to just Talia in the comics since her father saw Jason as a lost cause), would never ally himself with The Clown Prince of Crime. Bruce Wayne digging up Jason’s grave himself would draw attention unlike from the source. Jensen Ackles still sounded like Dean Winchester for the majority of the movie until the brutal climax where he’s actually delivering the role of the adult Jason.

Neil Patrick Harris owned Dick Grayson (the “get in the car” line, classic), his screentime was short. If he had at least one fight scene with Jason’s persona it would be fulfilling. Lastly, did Bruce Timm and company really have to stick Jason in Tim Drake’s old outfit?

Overall, I wouldn’t put this above excellencies of Mask of The Phantasm or Return of The Joker, but it’s definitely earned the third spot.

Rating:9 1/2

The DC Showcase: Jonah Hex short with Thomas Jane and Linda Hamilton was way better then the live action movie ever was. Which includes catchy spaghetti western music by The Track Team, Jeremy Zuckerman, & Benjamin Wynn.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse looks to be another good one, minus Andre Braugher as Darkseid because no one can top Micheal Ironside from the DCAU.