Seth MacFarlane’s Bigotry

After his Oscar disaster and now this, just reinforces why I don’t watch either of these shows anymore.

I enjoyed Family Guy for a couple of years with funny bits like Peter Griffin’s injured knee, falling out the airplane, getting sucked into space, Phil LaMarr as Action News’ Ollie Williams, Adam West, Red Bull hyperactivity, almost every Chicken fight, and the Star Wars parody trilogy: Blue Harvest, Something, Something, Something, Darkside (had it’s moments), and It’s A Trap.

Mayor West along with Quimby walking out-of-court together was kinda humorous mainly because there wasn’t animosity between both corrupted officials but that’s not saying much.  Understood Yeardley Smith’s Lisa for ounce being jealous towards Meg (Mila Kunis) stealing her thunder (her saxophone) with her convenient hidden talent.

This “crossover” airing on Seth’s show means he’s in-control to showcase his ego by having Peter made to look like the underdog defending Patriot Ale from Springfield’s (rightfully-so) prosecution for being a Duff-ripoff (like Seth’s show). All-is-forgiven despite the fact Peter made damaging sexist remarks in Quahog’s newspaper comic strips which got The Griffins kicked out in the first place during that insufferable beginning.

MacFarlane’s utter-contempt for Matt Groening’s twenty-three Emmy Award winning series especially during the dragged-out fight climax with Peter saying:

Hey, that’s no fair. I don’t got none of them.

put me off then already was while watching this giant POS.

Nancy Cartwright’s Bart addressing how messed-up Stewie actually is when finding out he kidnap/tortured Nelson only goes to prove how mean-sprited aforementioned program has become. Brian never has to own-up his mistake for losing Santa’s Little Helper (with insults prior) since it returns last-minute. Marge (Julie Kavner) in-addition Lois (Alex Borstein) were non-existed.

References reminiscent-of Homer jumped the gorge only reminds me how Matt’s creation used to be funny before it became over-rouching. Knew halfway through Peter would be victorious (again, this is Seth’s show).