Flash “Revenge of the Rogues” Review

Aaron Couch, editor of The Hollywood Reporter followed me while live-tweeting the episode. Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold is full-fledged supervillan when he and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) steal a priceless painting, Fire & Ice (not subtle Johns). Telling Mick Rory to put his-seat-belt-on during a failed confrontation with The Scarlet Speedster (which Snart calls him) his intellectual performance.

Star Labs continuing to help Central City’s Finest to reconcile the Partial Accelerator incident to counteract this threat (with many more to come) adds more points to the show. Barry revealing his persona to the world (unlike a certain farmboy) scores another big development with this excellent momenteum. Alternate Eobard Thawne (Harrison Wells) almost blew his cover by getting out of his wheelchair to save Mr. Allen from an oncoming drone. Tom Cavanagh shows his character’s ambition rather then his usual inherent anger despite some supposed humanity later on:

In case you doubt it, you pushed me to be better too.

How you gonna explain the people you killed or manipulated to keep your friend/enemy safe? Glad Joe (Jesse L. Martin) be supcious of him again after convincing his surgent-son not getting involved to focus on catching Original Reverse-Flash. Noticed Jesse kept his beanie on throughout.

Iris (Candice Patton) giving Barry his childhood backpack (with Space Ghost comic inside) was a more thoughtful gift then just-another microscope to use at the Crime Lab. Walking onto a shootout so she can be with her Pretty Boy (Rick Cosnett) was still dumb. Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) should’ve kick her off she’s still a waitress nor “reporter” (copy/paste other people’s posts). Her turtle doll probably referencing Turtle Man the Slowest Villian Alive or her future nephew’s pet. Carlos Valdes (Cisco) drops some of-that comic-relief to give a genuine speech.

Purcell however overacts Mick’s pyromania, pulling a manical laugh in the climax, topping off with a Bill Goldberg impression at Joe’s gun while struggling with CCPD earns funniest moment. Barry in his normal voice shouting out-loud into his communicator with Singh, Eddie, in-addition Iris being there not smart. Snart would’ve been smart to counteract their plan to cross-the-streams. Joe telling Cold to freeze (punny) just asks to get shot.

Rating: 7

Samuel Scudder aka Mirror Master is the only one left to complete the roster. Eobard uses his speed (red streak) which is probably from the charge in his suit. Episode fifteen will tackle the time-travel aspect could break the camel’s back.