Fantastic Four Teaser

Writer, Simon Kinberg and Brian Singer did a good job with Days of Future Past which has me look forward to Apocalypse. Like they’re exploring the space exploration aspect. Exposure to the Negative Zone gives them powers as opposed to Cosmic Rays. As long as Chronicle co-star, Michael J. Jordan portrays Johnny Storm aka Human Torch’s thrill-seeking personality like Chris Evans did I’ll be happy. Kate Mara (Iron Man 2) could be a respectable Susan Storm/Invisible Girl rather then an insecured guilt-tripping Jesscia Alba in heavy make-up. Clearly this film takes cues from Ultimates which I haven’t read other then with them being youngsters also Victor Von Doom’s last name is Damme.

Doctor Doom, one of the greatest villians in the Marvel Universe played by Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) being an anti-social blogger (Hollywood insulting) named Domashev instead of the immensely powerful Latverian king or rehashed metallic skin is unforgiveable.

“From the studio that brought you” is a massive red-flag. Marvel Studios did this too to be fair however they had creditably under-their-belt to warrant that marketing. Fix (Fox) appears to just follow-trends. Scene with a car racing passed cornfields shot in-the same way as Abrams’ Star Trek or tone-wise regarding Interstellar. Still Kinberg wrote X3. Miles Tiller (Whiplash) doesn’t strike me as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic at all.

Maybe it’ll be another plesant surprise keen-to the first Amazing Spider-Man but then could go completely screwed up in already announced sequel of-course cause studio expect instant-blockbuster.