Flash “Fallout” Review

Episode twelve, “Crazy for You” was filler with Brtine Oldford (American Horror Story) guest starred as another Wally West adversary/ally (like Girder), Shawna Baez aka Peek-A-Boo (really Johns?) portrayed as Harley Quinn with Nightcrawler’s powers even though her comic counterpart’s teleportations are supposed to be destructive. Even writers, Aaron Helbing and Todd Helbing ripped-off “see where I’m going” line from X2.

Post-Crisis Jason Rusch/Mick Wong during Infinite Crisis really got me into Firestorm having seen Ronald Raymond/Martin Stein’s appearence-on Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (season six episode five, The Wild CardsCartoon Network reruns back-in-the-ninties.

Victor Garber (Alias) acts over-essentric in-the-role-of Proffessor Stein especially in the scenes when sharing thoughts/feelings about pizza or explaining to Barry about time travel it’s enjoyable. Pretty gruesome for Ronald (Robbie Amell, Stephen’s cousin) cutting “Where” onto his arm with broken glass after feeling Stein being tortured by Clancy Brown’s General Wade Elling along-with Eobard’s contribution beforehand by-means-of a drugged icecube for Martin’s scotch. Not suspring considering his prior urge to just kill them both with his gun (episode thirteen, “The Nuclear Man'”) other-then Tom Cavanagh saying the show’s catchphrase here. Elling adds to short list of people that see through Eobard’s humanitarian facade (Joe West and Tina McGee).

Martin not wanting his research to be weaponized blows my theory he went to Star Labs that night sabotage the Particle Accelerator (protesters included) with his F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M matrix which is still too long an acronym.

However, biggest plothole to Nora Allen’s murder case is that CCPD would’ve found that spot-of-blood-on-the-wall had they focused police procedure on entire house rather then just their living room makes them incompetent. To have Joe (Jesse L. Martin) along-with Cisco finding this evidence fifteen years later to-be lazy. Elling tranquilzing/gassing everyone at CW’s stockplace (Jitters) to capture “The Burning Men” in public should’ve drawn unneeded attention to his operation that-one should’ve been a black-ops objective.

While glad they have Candice Patton’s Iris working at Picture News like she should do but didn’t care about her snooping subplot. She or her colleague, Mason Bridge (Roger Howorth) might do something dumb to escalate current problems in Central City like freeing inmates at Star Labs’ Gulag. Especially don’t care for further love triangle moments using Wally’s girl (Linda Park) now there’s two versions around (like Cat Grant).

Rating: 8

“Wells” is a Reverse Flash as we all knew however another person is possible. Still don’t know what he gets from Grodd besides his trust for his “kindness” to him during his captivity days. No matter, his identity gets exposed a month from now:

Cisco isn’t gonna walk out of Star Labs alive having figured it out since it hasn’t clicked in Barry’s head that his idol/”mentor” is obssessed with him in that sick-fixation kinda way.