First Look at Aquaman

Zack Snyder posted this on Twitter:

Momoa is definitely channeling Greek god, Poseidon which Jim Calafiore’s rendition evidently based-off. Essential gold/green color scheme are there regardless-of saturation. Tattoo on his right shoulder reflect the rest of traditional tunic. Andrew Dyce from Screen Rant made a really great in-depth analysis.

Hopefully his interactions with Superman (Henry Cavill) in the upcoming two-part team-up be that he listens-to-reason about declaring war despite Indian Ocean getting trashed which Kal-El took part or surface-dwellers’ pollution come to an understanding. Karl Urban (Star Trek) rumored to be up for Arthur Curry’s treacherous brother, Orm aka Ocean Master sounds good-in-my-book. Probably won’t lose his hand till spin-off which better be done in a dramatic way not illogically. 

From the casting, it was he’d clearly be playing Peter David’s anti-hero that I’m not fond of. Orin was way too arrogant to even be flexible negotiating with world leaders in DCAU continuity that Atlanteans wanted nothing-to-do-with the surface world afterwards. “Unite the Seven” means the group including Eza Miller’s Flash. Cyborg will always be a Teen Titan.