First Look at The Batfleck

Zack Synder posted on his Twitter account a glimpse of Affleck in the suit along with a full reveal of the new Batmobile.


Not surprising the filmmakers went with the Returns/Misses Again look. This only confirms one of the many fears I’ve had since the reading at Comic Con, casting, executives at Warner Bros. saying he’ll be old, tired, aswell as seasoned to rumored Bat-Drones taking the fascism from the last film up to new heights. The Massachusetts native is playing completely-off-his-rocker senior who declares martial law on his own city in additon getting a corrupt American general to kill himself (Swanwick is in trouble) cause that’s hero material. They better not have his car cut another vehicle in half.

Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t call Bat-God out on any insane thing he does because of the over-simplifaction that drives me up the wall. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman outfit has the possiblity of looking like this (scary thought) especially since Synder directed 300.