Aquaman Review


Still defender of the DCEU, even among my family. I felt Justice League did turn on that world becoming brighter regardless about studio meddling or Zack Synder’s take on things like for example Dick Grayson being dead instead appertaining to Jason Todd.

King of the Seven Seas created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger has been a favorite whether it’s an idealist or the call-to-adventurer but not so much his nineties hard-edged Namor-faze or media‘s neverending mockery (bullying) because appropriating Superfriends.

Geoff Johns’ 52 run (unlike Titans) along with stories equivalent Maelstrom together with Death of a King were good. Other DC publications in their Rebirth line have been consistently excellent. Haven’t gotten up to events leading to current Mera: Queen of Atlantis series.

Director, James Wan (The Conjuring) nailed all cylinders. Writers, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (Orphan) along with Will Beall (Castle) along-with Johns on the story got it right. Arthur Curry’s telepathy being a crucial plot-point to truly unite the land/sea, not through deception or taking kingdoms namely Orm depicted Patrick Wilson (Phantom of the Opera) does to achieve his goal.

Jason Momoa’s Polynesian heritage works with Swimmer since it’s mythology based around water. He chants in the beginning battle with David Kane (instead of Hyde) aka future-archenemy, Black Manta played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (The Get Down). He never refers by Orin, which is his Atlantean name during Modern-Age. His eye color changing due to kegepalan enough-explanation for differences between films. Also taller six four than Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna who’s six feet.

Princess Mera (not Queen…yet) or her full name being Xebella Mera Challa (Amber Heard) arc parallels Atlanna grows out regarding her raised judgmental state about the Surface Dwellers not being all-bad despite pollution: Don’t judge a place you’ve never been to which she calls Aquatic Ace out on about his attitude to underwater kingdom. Contrast to being sent to by her father (instead concerns King Ryus) dimension to kill Waterbearer so Xebel could seize power in 52 continuity. Her late mother’s request to make her own decisions with living her own life once she became acquainted with him.

Kidman’s display attributed genuine love for Thomas Curry played by Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett) heartfelt. Her best line after a genuine reunion with both her son then ends her true-husband having survived The Trench’s execution (dies or killed) comes before Heir confronts The Karathen (Kraken) voiced by Julie Andrews (OG Mary Poppins):

 “A king fights only for his own nation. You fight for everyone.”

Ocean Master while claiming his title resembles clean-cut Dweller-in-the-Depths. Their brotherly exchange before Ring of Fire contest/execution as Vulko (Willem Dafoe) calls it highlight performances gives incite to both protagonist aswell as antagonist:

“You know, there was a time when I wanted to meet you more then anything. Get to know my little brother. Let him know he wasn’t alone. That we were in it together. If only I’d known what a dick you turned out to be.

You were the reason our mother was executed. And I’ve hated you for it ever since. But I do not want to kill you, Arthur. I am going to give you one chance. Go home. You are not going to win this.”

Manta gets three stabs as-well-as shots with his plasma blasts second bout. Jesse Kane (unnamed prior) family legacy ancestral dagger. (Michael Beach, who voiced Devil Ray/Manta in Justice League Unlimited). Dolph Lundgren in-the-role-of Neresus, Mera’s father as opposed to her betrothed counterpart. Some He-Man moments notably Lord of the Deep chained or his “I Have The Power!” wields late-King Atlan’s trident (Graham McTavish) although Neptune marketed definitely.

Epic shot of The One True King’s emergence in classic gold in addition to green armored suit with Rupert Gregson-Williams’ effective score gets me every time. Including Mera (oddly not on the soundtrack), Manta conveys Scourge of the Seven Seas’ wrath. Syklar Grey’s Everything I Need even Mera’s Native American flute rendition. Production design for Bill Brzeski (Matilda) was glorious.

Aside from the second brand concerning toilet humor Murk (Ludi Lin/Black Ranger) worked for me. Naysayers write-off as intentional/unintentionally cheesy, over-the-top. What else is there to display their royal prowess or status? Stakes don’t reach Throne of Atlantis level threat cause then it would’ve involved the aforementioned team. They retconned to Mera’s backstory due to mentioned above interference.

My main problem was having seen it more than three times not being able to understand the first few words outta Manta’s altered voice during his big  appearance:

“Those who Something which? and breathe beneath the deep. And became something over the towering cities of men.”

Minor gripe Morrison isn’t Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) prominent presence father portrayals he was Mamoa’s casting choice. His de-aging effect during tea scene was very noticeable on first-viewing. Blu-Ray subtitles will clear-up to Manta’s initial words hopefully.

Rating: 9 1/2.


Onward to Earth’s Mightiest Mortal’s big screen debut: