Gotham Trailer

The extended preview for Fix’s upcoming series has been released since that teaser to the trailer kinda dumb.

This series is being produced by Danny Cannon who worked on the CSI programs including Miami which featured Horatio Caine’s infamous one linersPretentious much?

I’m all for a show focusing on the supporting characters especially since the main one’s overexposure would keep my interest. Besides, this is probably the closet thing to a Central-type run we’re gonna get. Ben McKenzie (The O.C.) voiced The Caped Crusader in the Year One animated film with Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Gordon being an interesting note. Weird Jim is younger then Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) as opposed to the other way around but no biggie.

Bette Kane (Sara Paxton), the Batgirl before Barbara later revamped to Flamebird appearing could be funny if down-the-line either one existing before The Dork Knight. Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) along with Crispus Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones) will be included aswell. Hopefully the former Metropolis citizen isn’t a whiner like in the “Crossfire” vignette from Gotham Knight.

However, Jim having a romantic fling with someone who used to be much younger really creepy. Instead of Clare Foley (Sinister) playing a young Pamela Isley, the yet to come Poison Ivy’s last name is Pepper…really? She has a sibling now named Mario, okay I guess. Please don’t make Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) the prostitute again like Nolan’s last outing. I’d rather them have her be Falcone’s daughter (like Long Halloween) or somebody else.

The Ex-Mrs. Smith is going to be the weakest leak just by her wardrobe in this preview alone as if the name Fish Mooney wasn’t bad enough. Made-up characters in pre-existing material doesn’t work with Harley Quinn in the DCAU being the only exception to that rule. With any luck (if any) Copplepott (Robin Taylor) kills her at the end of the season becoming the new crime boss.

Nieuw Rotterdam (Gotham’s Dutch name apparently) never has nor ever will overcome corruption, it’s stagnant which makes Jimbo’s speech about there being light meaningless considering how things turn out later being my biggest problem with the Bat-Universe in general.