Smallville “Scion” Review

Minus that horrendous Chlollie scene (which just proves that Allison Mack’s stereotype is also a slut with a capital S), I enjoyed “Beacon”.

Annette O’Toole’s second guest star appearance was much better then that out-of-character version of Martha in “Hostage”. The Luthor family reunion was awesome. Lucas Grabeel (who’s played Lex Luthor before in the Season 6 episode, “Reunion”) delivered another stellar performance. He channels Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex so well, I can’t wait for said person to appear in the series finale.

Skipped Smallville‘s Hangover (aka “Fortune”). After I saw the infamous moment, all I have to say is:


After the confirmation about the ending that happened in said episode (at the beginning of this article), I was severely skeptical about the idea of Conner Kent aka Superboy being on the show because:

  • The last time the producers decided to introduce a member of The Super-Family into the cast, it was a clusterf##k from The Seventh to this year’s glorification. Hate you too producers.
  • Clark still isn’t Superman yet.

So going into it I thought this was gonna totally suck, but (to my surprise) I liked it alot actually. This is one I can just watch from start to finish with no fast forwarding whatsoever (considering the piles of garbage TPTB put on throughout these dragged-out years).

Lucas made a very smooth transition from Alexander to Conner. He pulled off being the mannered and slightly rebellious teenager to the dark (I mean by Conner’s near-rape attempt on Lois) extreme version of himself on Red Kryptonite resulting in a confrontation between him and Clark in the ruins of The Luthor Manison that’s similar to one of my favorite fights in the series, Jonathan vs. Kal from The Third Season’s opening in “Phoenix”.

Tom Welling’s character filled his adopted father’s shoes of being the mentor and father figure unlike his neglecting animated counterpart on Young Justice. Lois’ observation that Conner being Clark & Lex’s Love Child was Erica Durance’s highlight. Another saving grace was Conner not flying or being called his future alter-ego.

If the last episodes of the series undoes everything that happened in here, my score will subject to change.

Rating: 9

The shot of the Legion ring was obviously from the Booster Gold / Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes with an appearance by Ted Kord) episode. Clark will naturally assume Michael Jon Carter is a member of the 31st Century group and Booster biting back say, “Who the hell are they?”

John Scheider guest starring as Jonathan from The Luthor-verse is frillless at this point to have a moment that should’ve been featured in “Luthor” to make an entire event-of-the-day out of.