83rd Academy Awards

The musical remix with Harry Potter 7, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, and Twilight 2 by The Gregory Brothers was the highlight of the night. On a sidenote, there was one autotune that wasn’t featured was The King’s Speech:


Anne Hathaway (the next Catwoman) was hilarious. Opening with her and co-host (I’ll get to him later) with Alec Baldwin and Mr. Narrator, Morgan Freeman were really funny. Priceless shot she made to Hugh Jackman (and the left hook to James Franco’s face) for their beginning number two years ago.

Like everyone else, I was peeved that Nolan got snubbed by The Academy for a spot in the Directing category for Inception. But in the places where it did win for Cinematography, Sound Editing (Tron: Legacy being very tacked on), Mixing, and Visual Effects made up for it.

No surprise Pixar’s winning streak would end, why would it? Nothing against Jeff Bridges, but I’m glad he didn’t win for Leading Role (that ultimately went to Colin Firth) for True Grit. I liked The Coen Brothers’ remake of the John Wayne classic (minus the epilogue and Matt Damon being miscast), but Bridges laid on the drunkenness to that version of Rooster Cogburn pretty thick. However, I was surprised that Haile Steinfield (Mattie Ross) didn’t win for Actress In A Support Role (acting lived up to the hype) that went to Melissa Leo for The Fighter.

It was obvious from The Red Carpet pre-show, James Franco was wasted throughout the entire ceremony. Maybe because he had to dress in Marylin Monroe drag (but that’s just my guess), so Hathaway had to carry the rest of it by herself.

Rick Baker winning Make-Up for the subpar Wolf Man remake was ridiculous. The only reason is because he won The Oscar for American Werewolf in London (the better film). Besides, the footage they showcased were the CG transformation scenes more so then Benicio Del Toro in prosthetics.

Even though I haven’t seen the top nominated films yet (still can’t wait to see Black Swan), I got this feeling Geoffrey Rush (Cassanova Frankenstein / Barbossa) was also overlooked for Supporting Actor to Christian Bale. This is coming from the opinion that Rush is the better actor then Bale.