Marvel’s Daredevil

I was really looking forward to The Guardian Devil’s resurgence since the rights were reverted along with others in Marvel Knights’ lineup like Punisher and Ghost Rider. Managed to binge nine episodes Friday before going to work then finished Saturday.

Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) as blind lawyer of Hell’s Kitchen, New York by-day in-addition to black-garbed vigilante-by-night absolutely nails this role. Sorry Affleck, just because you were a big fan of the character doesn’t mean you could inhabit that role. Nor at DC either.

Elden Henson (Cast Away) really shows off his acting chops when Foggy finds out his best friend’s secret identity (episode ten, “Nelson v Murdock“) this early as opposed to way later when Murdock’s already established crime-fighting career. He brings up legimate contractions about Matt’s logic and-vice-versa due to Clinton’s corruption being escalated post-Avengers. Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s last fight being with Crusher Creel aka future-Absorbing Man, his last phone call to Maggie before she joined the convent, Foggy mentioning Elektra during their college year flashbacks before she became an assassin-for-hire occured catchable Easter Eggs.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket) makes future-Kingpin his own last portrayed by late Michael Clarke Duncan. He delivers Wilson Fisk’s superiority, dominance, eccentricity, but also Fisk’s deeply utter disgust towards his nemesis’ domain which comes to the forefront when he brutally beats Hornhead with his traditional sticks during an intense climax in finale (episode thirteen, “Daredevil” appropriately). My only gripes about non-DD’s red suit are Batman-style brows plus black padding on the abdomen. D’Onofrio might get an Emmy nomination for this but unlikely win due to Hollywood’s bias towards the genre.

Most gruesome moment happens after Anatoly Ranskahov (Gideon Emery) unwisely confronts Fisk amidst his dinner-date (episode four, “In The Blood“) with Vanessa. Ayelet Zurer (Man of Steel) turning into a versatile actress with her role that’s just-as-vindictive like her fictionial husband. Bob Gunton (Demolition Man) getting-the-shaft for Leland Owlsley’s involvement to keep Fisk in-line by poisoning Vanessa meets satisfying demise for his arrogance.

Karen Page (Deborah Ann Hall) involved with an investigation including Ben Urich (Vondie Curtis-Hall) her previous job’s finances then just being secretary for Nelson & Murdock: Attorneys At Law (hint to her addiction) to-be pretty teriffic proactivity. Supsrised TPTB killed off Urich by Fisk strangling him (episode twelve, “Ones We Leave Behind“) since he’s long standing in mythology. Still, they’re are consquences for going up against King (as Wilson is called) by speaking to his thought-to-be-dead mother.

Peter McRobbie’s Father Lantom delivers a very potient speech about Lucifer (“Speak of the Devil“). Matt Gerald (Avatar) gives most sympathic performance with Melvin Potter/future-Gladiator (episode eleven, “Path of the Righteous“) takes Murdock’s promise to protect Betsy Beatty (Melivn’s therapist) to heart. Scott Glen’s Stick did indoctrinated young Matt (Skylar Gaertner) into this war that-fact to his comic counterpart.

Excellent fight scenes. The notable corridor done in one shot (episode two, “Cut Man“). Have to acknowledge instances where Murdock should’ve died unfornately. Hitting a scaffolding three floors down with no protection, Nobu (clear member of The Hand) dragging him by his gut with his Shoge Hook (episode nine, “Into the Ring“), or Russian mobster (disguised-as NYPD detective) hit by Matt dropping a fire extinguisher four-stories downward.

Didn’t like Fisk’s introverted (looking downward) aspect due to an abusive upbringing despite D’Onofrio’s stellar acting. Antagonists are supposed to be complete oppossites not all are cut-from-the-same-cloth as protagonists.

Overall, truly good start to Netflix’s upcoming shows. Antispating future-Heroes-For-Hire, Luke Cage and Iron FistAKA Jesscia Jones not so much. Season Two please.

Rating: 8 1/2