Batfleck Beats Superman Teaser

Last week was big for upcoming film trailers. Despite “sneak peek” with a reused shot from the second Man of Steel preview and being leaked (wasn’t waiting till Monday), here’s an official glimpse:

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) clearly doesn’t like this hero worshipping going on during his time in Mexico since he’s ultimate immigrant. Hopefully he picks one of those soldiers up to reiterate that he’s not above them despite what’s being shown. Not crazy about Snyder-and-company making Christ allagories again, however this shot reminded me of Tom Grummett (Robin) along-with Doug Hazzlewood’s cover art. Jeremy Irons (Die Hard 3) as Alfred Pennyworth more-then-likely means Bruce’s insanity rather then Kal-El’s dominance.

Unfornately, rumor about this first look being Batman-centric turned out to be true. Pro-Man of Tomorrow’s only defense with “guy trying to do the right thing” which doesn’t add more fuel-to-the-fire for anti-crowd including a U.S. senator (made-up) played by Holly Hunter (The Incredibles) serving-as extra slander against Metropolis Marvel disappointing. Rehashing Nolan’s Declines spinning shot in-additon-to Affleck’s altered voice cause once he opens his mouth their illusion is gone instantly. Still not sold about Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) being Lex Luthor in-spite-of him channeling City of Tomorrow Mongul’s methodicalness.

Second showing be optimistic hopefully. Final promo featuring Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman serving as middle-ground for forthcoming Trinity plus Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman debuting.