First Look at Supergirl

DC Entertainment relassed two stills of the lead actress in full costume:

Definitely ninties-era uniform minus her crimson stockings and in-spite-of deem lighting on the blue and red like Henry Cavill’s outfit shown here. No yellow inside the S symbol borderlined obviously means Kara Zor-El in training since Kal-El is to appear aswell (Last Son non-existent). Also similar to how Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen isn’t in full Flash garb yet. My only gripe was Melissa’s hair not blonde enough after tweeted herself with previous Teen of Tommorrow, Helen Slater.

Unfornately, I’m not crazy about supporting character descriptions TV Line reported such-as Ally McBeal/Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, CEO of a media corperation instead of gossip columnist or Jimmy Olsen played by Melchad Brooks (Glory Road) portrayed an alpha male but I’ll give the pilot a chance despite that.