SDCC: First Look at Wonder Woman

Even though I had to work but thankfully got-off early, yours trully managed to keep track regarding the Warner Bros. panel on my phone for Zack Snyder to debut the early still of Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) as The Goddess of Truth.

Holy Sh*t was my initial reaction because I’m growing optimistic for this potential turning-point intented for the Israeli actress. Immediately played the End Title theme from the animated film on my IPod after getting closer inspection on my laptop.

This amalgam of the Post-Crisis/52 uniform works akin to Henry Cavill’s Superman suit. Glad the eagle on the breastplate that form the W symbol aswell on the belt is still gold not silver. The star on her tiara is eight-pointed rather then the traditional crimson five-pointy insignia. Leather underneath the gaunlets together to the straps across her chest to holster the lasso (maybe a shield) compilments everything well.

As long as the ambassador to Themyscira isn’t portrayed as a cynical, sexist, war-seeking (image implies) woman-child, I’ll be happy. Diana Prince should be the balance between the other two heroes in The Trinity also the one who sees Kal-El’s dilemma cause (let’s face it) Batfleck will be too thick-headed/crazy enough to realize the circumstances that happened in Man of Steel being Mr. Angst then supposed World’s Greatest Detective furthermore for god sake no love-triangle between Lois, Clark, and Diana.