First Look at Superman

USA Today reveals Henry Cavill’s modified Man of Steel outfit for the prelude to Justice League.

The more time I spend with Henry, the more he’s Superman to me. – Zack Snyder

It appears the gauntlets have been elevated more up the forearms even though they could’ve been reduced in length in the first film. Still don’t have a problem with the red trunks’ absense cause it calls attention to The Man of Tomorrow’s nether region. The suit looks pretty much the same aside from mentioned above. However, the tone along with the location in this still even now makes me dread the moment more.

All that’s left is a glimpse of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman uniform since I want to give her the-benefit-of-the-doubt despite her track record and some footage Comic Con at the end of this month to peak my optimsim.

Latino Review apparently is scooping the villains to be included are Victor Zsaz, David Cain, Morgan Edge, and Amanda Waller. That’s two Batman adversaries (one rehashed) concerning Supes’ foes (Brainiac) which is obivious Darkseid foreshadowing since the Metropolis crime-lord had ties with the God of Evil like Bruno Mannheim did just taking the aforementioned information with a grain-of-salt.