SDCC: World’s Finest, Flash, and Justice League Announcements


Man of Steel Director, Zack Snyder dropped a bombshell of news at the very end of the Warner Bros. panel that Superman will meet The Caped Crusader on the big screen arriving 2015 in the technical sequel:

I’ve been onboard with DC’s two flagship heroes teaming up from the start. Bummed a little about the Wonder Woman aswell as Aquaman films being false. Diana Prince needs to take her rightful place alongside the other two champions – Trinity.

I do have concerns about it despite my initial reaction. Harry Lennix (General Swanwick) quoting the beat you line from Frank Fuller’s Dark Knight Returns makes me cringe everytime yours truly sees or hears it. I for one don’t want to see an hour-and-a-half slugfest (Batman glorified…again) until they get smart at the last minute. The World’s Greatest Detective aswell as Luthor resorting to Kryptonite for the gazillionth time to combat Kal-El or Lois Lane instantly romantically pursuing the billionaire playboy ditching Clark Kent entirely like the animated movie from 97′.

This flick must stay focused on The Man of Tomorrow (not the sequel’s title unfortunately) which is highly likely since Snyder stated it’s a continuation with Bruce Wayne in it. People need to get off the Bale/Nolan bandwagon for god-sake. They did good with Begins but severely phoned-it in at the end. It’s over, kaput, done, finished.

Goyer also has come out and said this:

“To a certain extent, Superman, cinematically, hadn’t been reinvented since the Donner films. We will be dealing it with the coming film. He’s not fully formed in [Man of Steel]. He will have to deal with the repercussions in the next film.”


His last statement referring to Zod’s death. Good to know they didn’t forget about that since the wrap-up didn’t acknowledge afterwards. Still want Brainiac despite Lex.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Scarlet Speedster heads to theaters 2016 after that. Barry Allen will most likely be the one picked considering New 52 (I prefer Wally West). However, I do like the electro-chemical accident that gives him his super-speed as opposed to water fumes. No offense to Jay Garrick from the Golden Age. I love The Flash Family dynamic in the comics (Pre-52) and the short lived Young Justice. Would be sweet if instead of the literal lighting-strikes-twice, a young Wally is with Barry as penance for always being late with Iris. Zoom/Reverse Flash is to be the probable adversary.

Now that JLA has been pushed back to four years from now, they can establish their characters better. Avengers had their money shot why not on the other side. The King of Atlantis could’ve been a possibility considering his title being one of the big sellers since the reboot.