SDCC: Electro Ad

Day 1 of this year’s San Diego Con has begun and news starts to spread. But I’d like to talk about yesterday’s glimpse at the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man featuring Jamie Foxx (Ray) as Max Dillion in his powered form.

I really liked the reboot, don’t get me wrong. Andrew Garfield’s exceptional chemistry with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Still, a multinational corporation like Oscorp wouldn’t allow a high school senior top secret level access no matter if she was at the top of her class.

Aunt May (Sally Field) figured out her nephew’s alter ego by him coming home every night with cuts/bruises on his face plus his reaction when Dennis Leary (Captain Stacy) issues the arrest warrant. I’m really interested in seeing the relationship develop. Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka) confiding in Peter after Uncle Ben’s death to later becoming a friend aswell as being Spidey’s number one fan is true to source material.

However, writers James Vanderblit (The Losers) along with Steve Kloves (the Harry Potter franchise) took the redeemable family man aspect (unless you can count that one shallow deleted scene with his son) away from Curt Connors then turned him into a self-pitied Green Goblin (split personality..again). Including the not-so-subtle World Without Weakness message. Stacy sending only one NYPD swat unit to take down Lizard while majority go after The Web-Slinger was ridiculous.

Yours truly couldn’t help but think about that episode of The Flash, Ghost in the Machine” where an enemy from the 1950’s integrates himself into the Central City power grid while watching this. His appearance is clearly based off the Ultimate counterpart rather then the yellow/green spandex opposite from Earth-616 (the core Marvel Universe).

Glad Director, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) allowed Academy Award winning Makeup Artist, Ve Neill (Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, and Dick Tracy) to show off her team’s talented skills this time around unlike the cocoon arm, small scales on Rhys Ifans’ neck, or sewer tail since The Lizard was entirely CG.

While the special effects for this villain will look good (possibly great) on screen, that’s also part of the problem. The character is only okay by way of gimmick nothing more (Sandman anyone?). Max is going to be portrayed as yet another outcast who turns bad when threatened by his stereotypical superior (Rajit Ratha) since photos like this have shown. Not all of Peter Parker’s adversaries are just like him. Their called opposites for a reason – a person that is totally different from someone else.

Though Foxx definitely delivers this incredible amount of intensity. Having one million volts of electricity coursing through your brain will do that to a person’s psychosis. It would be an added bonus he makes little short-circuit twitches when he’s in motion perhaps. It can be creepy as hell like in the MTV animated series episode, “When Sparks Fly” whereas actor, Ethan Embry makes this eerie hum (altered of course) as Dillion travels through cable lines also neon street lights to follow a victim.

Also, this film is already in Spidey 3/Batman & Robin territory with multiple baddies using Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) furthermore reintroducing his son played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle). Then again, Batman Begins did fine at balancing theirs out. I for one understand their reasons for cutting Shailene Woodley’s small role out nonetheless. As well as it’s way too soon for Mary Jane Watson to be brought back into the fray not after the insufferable version that was created for the previous two films by Smallville‘s writers (Alfred Gough & Miles Millar) besides The Riami Brothers, Sam & Ivan.