SDCC: Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Panel

This film should’ve been called Spectacular, Sensational, or one of the other Web-Head titles like the crew for Man of Steel with the Superman reboot (ignore the critics).

Possibly one of the highlights from Saturday so far aswell as this. Andrew Garfield is a genuine showman being in-character to answering the host’s question about web-swinging toward Spidey not knowing the actor who plays him. Also the aformentioned going all fan-boy mode on Jamie Foxx (didn’t care for Django: Unchained, prefer the original). Dane DeHaan will definitely convey Harry Obsorn’s inherent anger having re-watched him go full-out in Chronicle’s climax.

Sounds like we’re getting another Jim Carrey style Edward Nygma with Max Dillion like we had to put up with Guy Pearce (Memento) in that other black sheep called an Iron Man threequel unfortunately.