Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer – The Japanese Version

While I’m eagerly awaiting the second Man of Steel preview next week, today is a first look at the darkest point for the crew of the USS Enterprise. The international form has a little bit more at the end.

JJ Abrams has said the villain was going to be a “one man weapon of mass destruction”. Speculation is that it could be Captain Kirk’s old Psionic friend, Gary Mitchell. I’m confident Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will be a hundred times better then Eric Bana (the poor man’s Kahn).

What makes it more evident it’s Mitchell, Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League) is Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. The similarities between her and Sally Kellerman (the first season’s episode: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”) are almost uncanny:

At first I thought maybe it was Nurse Chapell, since Bones played by character actor, Karl Urban (see Dredd) called her during that hilarious moment where Kirk got the allergic reaction McCoy’s vaccine in the first film. Definitely not Yeoman Rand (but that’s just wishful thinking) since she’s a red shirt (and we all know what happens to the red shirts) not blue. So Kirk is not getting any (since their love was obvious, even though Grace Lee Whitney was only in one year). But it’s as I said above.

The last shot looks like a reverse Wrath of Kahn death scene. Even though Zachary Quinto said in an interview he was done with acting after this sequel, It would be a crime to kill off Spock after just one movie. Also it just reeks of rehashing. So Kirk might bite the dust or fake it as he doesn’t believe in no win scenarios.