Smallville "Hostage" Review

The only thing going for this episode was the return of the most important characters in Superman’s supporting cast. But sadly only one good thing came out of it. Erica Durance and Micheal McKean’s banter for the first meeting between Lois Lane and Perry White being the highlight.

Unfortunately this suffers from another bad case of plot-holes. Notably, Martha Kent who obviously was the mysterious Red Queen (which made the subplot in the episode of Mercy being a suspect entirely pointless.) was just used as exposition for the last few minutes about details of The Book of Rao aka The Deus Ex Machina that’s been hinted at all year. Talk about completely wasting that character progression.

How could she possibly know anything about that? In the past, we’ve seen that every time a human comes into contact with Kryptonian items, they’re either get catatonic, dead (Lionel in Season 4-5 and Dr. Walden from the end of S2), nearly frozen to death (Dumb Blonde in The Fortress S5.) or severely injured (Lex Luthor S7-8).

On the fence right now as to where Clois is going right now. “Relationships aren’t perfect”, I understand that, but it all depends on what happens in the finale to setup for next year. Perry wearing Jonathan Kent’s jacket was really overstepping your boundaries in a romantic relationship, especially when your planning to propose.

Another disappointment was Lois & Clark not being elevated out of The Planet’s damn basement once Chief got their jobs back. I will not rant about Stalktower being glorified again, other then the fact say it was just pure bullshit.

Rating: 6

Next week is the season finale.

I’m so glad this season is finally coming to an end because this entire Zod and the Kryptonians storyline hasn’t made any sense whatsoever.

With the JSA as-well as the antiJLA reappearing, Black Canary will just be another tease since we have another shipper that has no real future. At least Alaina Huffman’s hairstyle is much better then her last three guest starring bits.

The last shot with The Man of Steel’s real symbol reflecting in Kent’s eye, hopefully this means that by the final season, he goes back to the red and blue (unlike last year, where Clark was wearing the colors at work before his heroics became noticed and this stupid black outfit which had a very short lived per-puce being there in first place) sticking only to his business suits and Farm-boy attire.