Alex Ross’ Phantom

Dynamite Entertainment announced a Ghost Who Walks series to be drawn one of the most awesome artists in the industry.

“Being a fan of the Phantom for many years, I’ve had a vision for a long time of a stylistic change and a dramatic way of illustrating him,” said Alex Ross. “Finally through Dynamite Entertainment and working with Scott Beatty, I’m able to fulfill this artistic concept and give a very personalized spin on one of the greatest superheroes of them all.

The historic line stops at Kit Walker the 21st, who has forsaken the mantle of The Ghost Who Walks and is enjoying a life with a growing family, while handling the day-to-day affairs of the Walkabout Foundation, a philanthropy created by one of the previous Walkers/Phantoms to help support charities benefiting Bengala, and the surrounding nations of continental Africa.

Except that this Kit refused to take up the domino mask, rings, and Colt.45s of his father upon Kit Sr.’s death. Alex Ross’ beautiful and dynamic vision promises to bring the concept of the Phantom to the 21st century, and it could not be in better hands.”

The story sounds just like Green Hornet. Now I’ve been enjoying it so far, but Kevin Smith shouldn’t have gone the generational route and just had brought Brit Reid to modern day setting.