Smallville "Crossfire" Images

The highlight that the majority are talking about. That’s one for the history books.

Clark’s blind date with Cat Grant, who’s star of her talk show on WGBS also had a crush on the mild mannered reporter. Emilie Ullerup does kind of resemble Laura Vandervoort.

A glimpse of Elise Gatien as Mia, the future Speedy. What I recall, she’s blonde in the comics not brunette. Guess the producers think audiences will get “too confused” about that many blondes running around on the show.

What the hell is DB doing there? We saw in “Metallo” and “Rabid” attempting to get in between Lois & Clark and a deleted scene from the Season 8 DVD showed Lois giving her the chance to work at The Planet again just screams so many bad signs to come for the second half of the season.

In Raven’s words from the Teen Titans cartoon episode “Spellbound”, “GO…AWAY.”