A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

I take these remakes produced by Micheal Bay and company as popcorn flicks, nothing more, and no less.

The teenagers in this film were more believable then the stereotypes in Friday The 13th. Sure, Kyle Gallner looks like sometimes he’s going to breakdown into tears, but this kid has an acting future, unlike the other past and present actors that appeared on Smallville.

Robert Englund is and always shall be the one true Freddy Krugger, but Jackie Earl Haley did well for what was given to him. He definitely got the creepy pedophile part of the character down.

Rooney Mara as the heroine, Nancy was okay but really had little to no semblance of the inner strength that Heather Langenkamp brought to the role in the 1984 original.

When they go in-between the real and dream world aka The Micronaps was an interesting concept because I thought after the first kill it would’ve been much better if it was the return of a shared collective insanity. But it that wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately it relies entirely on the Jump Scare technic. Writers, Wesley Strick & Eric Heisserer’s decision to try to make you doubt whether or not he truly was a sickf##k (which he ultimately was) or the little nobody that was wrongfully accused (prier to the movie’s release) was entirely pointless.

Kris played by Katie Cassidy (who got the majority of screentime in marketing and in the first hour of the movie) falls asleep at her boyfriend’s funeral after the opening scene for the perpuce of another jult, Rob and I both looked at each other in the theater with the exact same thought running through our heads which was, “Some girlfriend she is.”

Other murders (other then the recognizable ones from the original films) were forgettable unlike some of the creative count in Jason Voorhees’ remake, which isn’t getting a sequel by the way.

Rating: 6 1/2