Smallville "Sacrifice" Review

I wasn’t looking forward to another Chloe centric, (since Allsion Mack is the lead character of the season) to avoid more brain tramua, I watched the clips from the subplots after it aired. But still, there were so much retcons and inconsistences.

First I’ll start with Faora. Last season when Lois was poccessed by Zod’s second future wife, writer of “Bloodline”, Carol Dries established that the just as ruthless character (who exists in the comics, even though she’s really a secondary Ursa) couldn’t procreate, but here she get’s pregnant with the tryant’s child, is used for more plot convience to add to the drama of the clone becoming the evil SOB we know the real one currently still in The Phantom Zone to be.

Before he kills her for “betraying their people”, (after Fay decides to work with Checkmate to bring down Zod, when she found out the truth though that plot device book Clark had in Season 7, where he went back in time) goes into this speech about loyality, despite the fact that he cheated on her by screwing with Mercy in “Escape”, (which contradicts the fact there was nothing in the early episodes to hint at neither shipper is very glaring) doesn’t have any chips to use, other then to manipulate the younger sister, Vala over to his side at the end.

Justin Hartley’s first writing gig didn’t work on any level, accept for Clark and Oliver being on the same page which I liked. Even though I still have suspection since this entire year, TPTB will repeat themselves by having him and Dumb Blonde backstap Kal-El, really out of their inflating egos.

Stuart comes back to get revenge on Ms. Graves for shooting him in “Pandora”, acts alone by following her with a tracking device that maraciously was implanted during her time between taking over Luthorcorp and when she joined the government agency. Aside from his ridiculous Bond-Villain look, this thing is complete BS because Mercy wouldn’t even be alive right now if that were the case. Plus Cassidy Freeman’s character having to “die” and be revived to destroy the device was just overall stupid.

Waller getting thrown into the car was similar to what happened to Lionel, cortency of Lex Luthor’s temporary superpowers from “Vessel” and “Zod”, which technically should’ve killed them both.

The producers deliver another scene of Clark being left in the snow to witness others but himself take to the skies was more moon shining.

Rating: 5

Next Week is something to exactly give a damn about. The return of Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean to the show.

The two possible downsides are that her evolvement in the government means the last living adopted parent of Clark Kent bites the dust because of his actions, makes him even more dark and brooding. Or writers, Anne Cofell Sauders & Jordan Hawley have Ma Kent act like this so Stalktower can look like a saint again.