Batman Live

I had to open my big mouth when I said to Rob off air that it would be interesting to see The Dark Knight on Broadway, in the vain of that opening from the episode of Batman Beyond, “Out of the Past”. Observe:

According to Heat Vision, it’s actually gonna happen.

“Warner Bros. and DC Comics are in the early stages of developing a tour, tentatively titled “Batman Live” and starring the Caped Crusader, working with Nick Grace Management and Water Lane Prods., companies behind the popular “Walking With Dinosaurs” and “Mamma Mia!” touring shows.

The show is neither a musical nor a Broadway-bound theatrical production but rather an elaborate arena production aimed at kids and families.”

Even Kevin Conroy’s magnificent singing wouldn’t save this. I take back what my guilty thoughts come up with. Like Old Bruce’s opinion of this…

“It’s Shwarbage.”