Smallville "Upgrade" Review

I’m at a loss of words for the amount of WTF moments that happened in this episode. Clois only had one scene together. One Scene. A huge problem with the teaser is when Lois attempts to get away after being found out during Mercy’s operation on Metallo, she indirectly causes an explosion that security guard couldn’t possible get away from.

While Brian Austin Green was the highlight in his debut from the start of the season, but like how Zatanna was changed in “Warrior”, writers, Andrew Landis & Julia Swift decided to completely retcon the character that Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson established for the perpuce of “sympathy-for-the-villain” crap.

The Kryptonite heart caused John Corben adrenaline rushes that made him go crazy. Well, that was completely forgotten about. And even though Lois Lane would help a person in need like Clark would, but also get the story, it echoed Chlavis all over again. But to be fair, it wasn’t painful to sit through.

Still, the problems in execution was Corben was clearly gonna kill her to show Boyscout a lesson in loss, which I’m sick of by the way. Plus how did Metallo find the Kryptonite weapons so quickly?

Red Kryptonite only did one thing in Kal-El’s favor, throwing Stalktower down on the floor, telling the wench that Ms. Graves was more upfront him, and burning his symbol onto the wall. Which basically states “This is my show, bitch. I’m the one in charge! Don’t you forget that.”

Clark’s question about Zod’s powers was idiotic in that preview, as it was in the actual program. Plus, Dumb Blonde chloroforming her competition basically, was still cringe-worthy.

The fight scene in the Fortress of Solitude was okay with Arctic Breath being used for the first time on the show, but it’s just one of Superman’s abilities that was used for plot convenience.

In the meantime, the producers and the writers felt “Let’s inflate the golden goddess that’s Stalktower while assassinate Clark’s character in the process.” Can this show and it’s non-supporting characters controdict themselves anymore then what they’ve already done?!

I just want this season to be put out of it’s misery so badly and Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders fired off this show. There no better then Gough & Millar.

Rating: 2

Next Week is the first appearence of Maxwell Lord and the return of that corrupt D.A. from The Wonder Twins episode.