The Losers Review

I’m not that knowlegeable about this particular DC team other then the brief cameo in New Frontier (the animated movie and the comic) and having seen the Vertigo title once or twice, this adaptation was just so ho-hum.

Chris Evans saves it as Jensen, the comms and tech guy. Specificially the infiltration/escape scene, while singing and playing in the background, Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin'” were the best parts of the film that had me laughing my ass off.

The moments where Evans is in soldier gear and the moment with the group doing the slowmo walking with the american flag waving behind his head, has me still optimistic to see him as Captain America. As long as he doesn’t wisecrack, all will be well. Aside from said song, the rest of music on the soundtrack were pretty good.

I dug Jefferey Dean Morgan since Supernatural and Watchmen, he was okay in this. Just pulls off that deadly serious look without even trying.

My gripe is that I just couldn’t buy an Africian-American like Zoe Saldana playing a middle eastern chick in the film, even though the character in the source material is arabic.

Overall, the supporting cast had the potential but the big problem is that it fell into the trappings of the stereotypical action movie cliches, like one of the members being a traitor, the over the top James Bond weapon that could destroy the world, the hammy villain who spews out very few good one-liners, and lastly, the story ending on a cliffhanger which we talk about on the show, that never works.

Rating: 6