Second X-Men: Apocalypse Preview

Fassbender and McAvoy do nice play on Erik along with Charles’ exchange at the end of first Children of the Atom film which was also used for X2’s teaser.

So pleased filmmakers altered Oscar Issac’s voice cause En Sabah Nur should sound inhuman but not so bombastic like John Colicos (Battlestar Galactica ’78) did in The Animated Series. No problem reusing epic “Don’t Panic” by Clarity during Super Bowl.

There’s already mistep in this continuity again with First One not being grey when he’s younger. Now his mutation doesn’t seem to manifest until his possible extraterrestrial-upgrade (Egyptian ritual) older.

While Mystique sports uniform resembling her classic outfit, Jennifer Lawrence might be Katniss 2.0 for majority regarding climax until her windpipe get crushed as her exit.