Blackest Night Retrospective

Now that DC’s big event closed, here are my thoughts are the mini-series as a whole. After The Sinestro Corps War, Ivan Reis became one my favorite artists which still stood out. Geoff Johns was on a roll up until the last issue that was severely rushed.

By the way, Rob did that write up for eight not me. Since Larfleeze is his favorite, I’ll acknowledge that he did have his moments like when Artocitus of Five Inversions “saves” his greedy life to claim the battery for himself.

Sinestro had his moments too, with his power struggle with Mongul for leadership of the Yellow Lantern Corps and briefly as a White Lantern battling Nekron. Passing from one undead person to the other when one form is destroyed was a good presentation of that what is eternal not dieing.

Lex Luthor, who became an Orange Lantern after every other power ring recruits almost every character in the DCU to face the crisis, mingling with Black Lantern Superman while playing tug of war with Larfleeze over said battery, and their back forth retort was pretty funny.

Guy Gardner overcoming with rage after Kyle Rayner is killed and going on killing spree was awsome. Even though it was cheapened with him coming back through a binding link from one of the Star Sapphires.

The Red Lantern is my favorite Green Lantern villain, but my only gripe is (similar to my qualms about The Joker’s origin in The Killing Joke) I find it extremely hard to believe that he was once a good person in The Blue Corps, considering his character design is so pacific.

If Hal was the supposed to be the main character of the story, then why didn’t his parents rise like The Graysons, Earth 2 Superman, and Lois Lane?

With acceptions of Wonder Woman & Batman, the tie-ins were a complete waste of time and money as the climax showed. As Rob & I called it, everyone that died, came back with only few exceptions. Glad to see Shiera back in the role of Hawkgirl, despite not having read much Hawkman or JSA titles with Kendra. What I do know is she wanted to break the Destined Lovers cycle but in fact did have feelings Carter Hall.

Osiris’ one shot was nice closure to the events in 52, aside from Rene Montoya becoming The Question, and Black Adam, they were good arcs of that mini series.

The oppostions of that writer, J.T. Krul brought to Green Arrow demanding his allies to kill him (especially since he killed Promethesis in Cry for Justice) and Firestorm’s wanting to break free was interesting.

Overall, Johns had all the right key things to happen in the series, but as I said at the beginning, the conclusion was a clusterf**k.

Being a casual comic reader, I’m just gonna stick to reading past works. I’ll pass Brightest Day, accept for the Deadman tie in because that was most interesting thing to come out of this disapointment, since Boston Brand has been a ghost his entire career.