Dumb and Dumber To Teaser

The first preview to the upcoming sequel to my childhood comedy hit yesterday:

Jeff Daniels has come a long way since then with most recent success with The Newsroom. I’ve been looking forward to this reunion between him and Jim Carrey since that Twitter picture was posted. I’m going see this for pure nostalgia sake big time. Just seeing the Mutt Cutts sheep-dog van driving down the road or hearing some famous quotes again has me there. So many great funny setpieces like the airport chase, dream sequence, makeover montage, etc.

Harry’s ex-girlfriend that he talked about in the hot tub scene comes to the forefront. Dunne is gonna kill Lloyd for a second time since Penny Pichlow (Rachel Melvin) might turn out to be Christmas’ kid instead which makes this new attraction ten times creepy. Carrey’s age really shows at 1:18.

Unfornately death no longer matters this time with them out-of-context sadomasochisticly setting comedian, Rob Riggle (his Dennis Hopper Blue Velvet impression priceless) ablaze in the meantime this has turned into a live-action adult cartoon. The Farrelly Brothers’ first one (never will see that prequel) had real casualites to balance the slapstck like Mental (Mike Starr) accidently getting killed with his own rat poison in it’s place of his ulcer pills. That last bit with the grandmother was just wrong (not the good way). I’m not big on extreme raunchy humor.