Updates – Dark Knight Rises Sucked!

The progress has been slow with my Werefoo project, but that’s the name of the game with filmmaking.

Anyway, here’s my initial thoughts about the movies I’ve seen the past few months. I loved Avengers, liked Amazing Spider-Man (despite some rehashing from the first Riami film), enjoyed Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (in spite of Fixed News shamelessly plugging themselves at the very end), but I was severely underwhelmed with The Dark Knight Rises.

To start, Nolan and company actually had a line of dialogue equivalent to the infamous excuse to anybody that (“gasp”) points out the problem with Batman’s illogical abilities, actions, or motivations to get out of a scenario. Clearly, your company is bias with this overrated character for the last four years.

The obnoxious inter-cutting scenes from the previous films, hammering in the picture of the annoying non-existent love interest, Tom Hardy’s over-flamboyant performance as Ubu (not Bane, those lying SOBs) which built up to Talia Al Ghul’s short-lived moments on-screen before hitting-the-bucket in the anti-climax being all the notable pieces that made this Jenga come falling down.

But just in general, I’m sick and tired of The Caped Crusader being front-and-center in all of media. I’m really crossing my fingers that the first hero, Superman makes a triumphant comeback to the big screen with Man of Steel:

Because if this is another dud that Warner Bros. throws out, I’m done with their level of stupidity. Marvel continue to own them every year.