Second Guardians of the Galaxy Preview

Other then being aware of Rocket Racoon, I’m not familar with this galactic group like general audiences are aswell as seen their appearence in Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heroes in the Korvac (underwhelmed by The Saga) episode. Vance Astro aka Major Victory was a founder member in the sixties run of the comic which I found out later. I personally intented to read the first volume of Brian Michael Bendis’ take before the film comes out two months from now since that’s the incarnation of the team Marvel Studios is adapting from.

Zoe Saldana said she’s fortunate to not play roles that aren’t stereotypical during the making of Star Trek ’09. Unless you count the undressing scene (which got gratuitous in the sequel), whiplashing your former teacher/bitch to get what you what, arguing in the middle of an important mission. Even in this trailer alone, there isn’t any exception with Gamora. We get a call of attention to gender, an ass shot followed by a topless frame, icing it off with a catfight with the disallusioned daughter of Thanos, Nebula.

Ronan the Accuser appears-to-be the one Fantastic Four villain they got the rights back from Fix since reports about Silver Surfer along with Galactus supposedly didn’t revert. The purple gem alias Space Gem that allows it’s user multiple transportation abilites is going to play a huge role for an invasion by the Kree Empire. Maybe foreshadow Adam Warlock’s usage of it since his larva stage appearance in the after-credit scene to Loki: featuring Thor. Hopefully it’s used better story-wise then the Power Gem/Aether/Deus Ex Machina in that movie.