Second Dark Knight Rises Preview

Since Chris Nolan has said this takes place eight years after the previous film, implies an amalgam of Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, and No Man’s Land.

Not to jump to conclusions, but it seems to me Tom Hardy was born to play this role. His performances of a brute in Bronson and intellectual from Star Trek: Nemesis being the stepping stones for this collimation. I didn’t have a problem with the synthesized voice (accept for The Prologue):

“When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

Best Line Ever.

I’m sold on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Hopefully Selina Kyle is more socialite then prostitute (considering the sexism going on in the abysmal New 52). While Nolan stated over and over again that Robin was never going to be in this franchise, there’s Easter eggs here that say otherwise.

The R on the crowd sign is Tim Drake’s logo. The name on the receiver’s jersey after the entire field is leveled says Ward (as in Burt Ward, ugh). Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character (John Blake, yeah right) might turn out to be Tim (since that’s the one featured in Arkham City, not a coincidence) or another substitute like Gerard Stephens and Ramirez were for Harvey Bullock in addition, Rene Montoya.

Wasn’t sure about Marion Cotillard playing the possible Talia Al Ghul (or Miranda Tate, whatever you want to call her), until I found out later she was “Loony” Mal (Inception). So she can do the accent no sweat. Too bad she’s not sporting the femme fatale look in the set pictures that came out prior.

The Batplane looks like something out of a Terminator film (how ironic). They’ve definitely crossed over into the Scifi realm (not that the groundwork was already there). Which I suspect is what Warner Bros. might do in the reboot (just not another Burton / Schmacher effect).

My only fear is another case of Spider-Man 3 Syndrome, where they go back to the origin and add to it. Unfortunately, this interpretation of Batman isn’t fluent in world languages (that bit of Mandarin in Begins out the window) like his comic counterpart.