Green Lantern WonderCon Footage

Scenes that were shown at the movie panel from this year’s San Francisco convention is online.

After that piece-of-dribble called a teaser trailer, I had little to no hope left for this movie. But I was completely blown away.

The biggest saving grace was the focus being the bigger picture and not the small one. Ryan Renyolds’ acting in the first recital of The Oath is actually genuine in context of the moment as Hal Jordan has an incredible sense of clarity washes over him (as his eyes change).

Clearly, Sony Imageworks was holding back because the visual effects are a vast improvement then previously. Mark Strong (Sinestro) never ceases to amaze. With Geoffrey Rush as the voice of Tomar-Re and the rumor floating around about Michael Clarke Duncan for Kilowog, interest came back to me.

But then again, that could all be washed down the drain with the second preview attached to Thor.