Captain America Teaser


After false reports and teaser clips, the full preview is here.

So far, Chris Evans seems to be channeling Steve Rogers’ personal drive to serve the U.S.A. despite his “size” well but I still need to see him acting in the suit in the second preview for to me to be completely sold. While the frail effect works in some scenes (the alley and platoon lined up), it’s still glaringly obvious in others.

Tommy Lee Jones had previous experience with (Nick Fury himself) Sam Jackson in Rules of Engagement, so he knows how to play a military officer. Liked the “sending Hitler to Hell” line, but Tucci’s speech about power in the positive way beats it as the best quote.

A minor nitpick, did the editors at the studios’ marketing team really have to tribble flash the reveal of The Red Skull under the Hugo Weaving mask (which Johann Schmidt would love to wear that face) despite the EW exclusive photo?