Smallville “Homecoming” Review

I was disgusted with last week’s episode. Darkseid portrayed as one of the demons on Supernatural (with the black eyes as-it’s-supposed-to-be volcanic red), Kara glorified up the ying yang and Clark being kicked 3 times in the nuts. And the writers taking his self respect away AGAIN.

However, the 200th episode lived up to the title unlike the 100th, “Desperation” (which I like to call the Season 5 episode, “Reckoning” because Clark sacrificed Jonathan Kent for the town whore.)

Jeannot Swarc who directed Perry White’s centric, “Exposed”, and the failed Supergirl movie (shock of shocks) did a really good job. But what really boggles my mind is that the huge piles of shit that Brian Peterson & Kelly Sounders puts us through that were Seasons 8 (Human Kryptonite/Failsday), 9 (Stalktower/Chollie), and the first few episodes of this year can do a 180 and write this landmark to the series (double shocker).

Tom Welling was FINALLY given the spotlight again. The look on Clark’s face when him and Lois were pronounced king and queen was priceless. But of course the best part was him meeting his future self and witnessing himself save the day as The Man of Steel. Clark (in his recent Superman threads) saying goodbye to Pa Kent at his resting place was excellent closure.

Erica Durance as her character’s future self was just great. I’d enjoyed every minute of it with this being how Clark finds out that she knows about him was absolutely hilarious (again, another priceless expression from Tom Welling). The homage to the helicopter save from Superman: The Movie was a nice touch. Lifehouse’s “Everything” benefited Lois & Clark as opposed to that overdone shipper.

James Marsters delivers another solid performance as Brainiac 5. However in the comics, this Legionnaire has blonde hair, guess he didn’t want to look like Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer over again (which is ironic considering he was forced to make a reference in one of the worst episodes of Season 5, “Thirst”).

I hated the producers ripped off the first Iron Man movie by having Oliver go public (BEFORE CLARK) with his alter ego. My predictions are this character will be too stupid to realize the consequences. But the way it was played out that he was looking for Clark’s support and give him (long overdo) credit.

Of course it wasn’t perfect, the first half was pretty dull. The recap was suckage, the on screen Chloe worshipers with the text message from their idol at the end from wherever scummiest rat hole (which is opposite to what I’m saying since she’s probably enjoying the best form of luxury imaginable considering Amanda Waller even glorified her aswell) Blondie at Checkmate was ridiculous beyond belief.

Three gripes I had were the scene with Psycho Guidance Counselor was just random, if  Bug Boy hadn’t give Clark “The Stare” when his character was just going to say thanks for setting him straight, Kal-El wouldn’t have overacted and grabbed Brainiac’s ring, and the line of dialogue about him being the creator of The Legion’s time travel was complete contradicting since we clearly saw in their centric that they were doing that before Brainiac was cured.

Rating: 9

Next week looks to be filler with Lois being possessed again, not by Silver Banshee this time (who was completely misused in last year’s “Escape”) but to the Egyptian goddesses, Isis. Only it’s not the DC Comics character of the same name, SO WHAT’S THE POINT?! It’s the “Henry Olsen” scenario all over again.

After the forward progression that happened in this episode, next week undoes all of it. So here we go again with the “two steps forward, two steps back” bullshit. But the upside is the Lex subplot comes back.