Batman/Superman: Apocalypse Review

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy are excellent as always. Susan Eisenberg sounded like she never left the role of Wonder Woman, who also manages to transition with the first Superman (since she worked with George Newburn in both Justice League shows) very easily. She is the definitive voice for the Amazion Princess and having the essential Trinity all there was just awesome. Julianne Grossman (who was the Bizarro-Etta Candy in Wonder Woman) as Big Barda was more assertive then hard edged in the other versions from the DCAU shows, Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited. It’s pretty sweet to hear Daly speak Kryptonian and even in general to hear it outloud.

So glad Bruce Timm & Company went with a different composer this time around with John Paesano since Christopher Drake’s music are starting to sound alike. The choir for Kara’s theme didn’t go full out like Diana’s in her feature. Animation stumbled in the beginning where The Dark Knight is introduced, his face looked flat as a pancake. but other then that, it looked pretty much fluent that captured the early Michael Turner’s style.

Summer Glau of Sarah Connor and Firefly fame did fine as Kara Zor-El, but when time came to play the evil version of herself, she didn’t pull it off. As I predicted, Andre Braugher failed as Lord of Apokolips. No one can replace Micheal Ironside. Lastly a small nitpick, they cut out my favorite moment from the graphic novel, where Kal-El is forced to put on the Kryptonite ring to take down his brainwashed cousin. Overall this was definitely better then Public Enemies.

Rating: 8

The Green Arrow Showcase was another good one. The story was a very modernized version of a classic medieval scenario with a little twist which I won’t give away. But the one thing I will give away is Count Vertigo is involved. I disliked it because it reminds me of The Emerald Archer’s misfired centric from The Batman, where he was incorporated into the origin story.

Neal McDonough (who’s going to be playing Dum Dum Dugan in Marvel Studios’ Captain America) was okay but Kin Shriner’s vocals in JLU was alot more distinct. In that series, Ollie had a more of the swashbuckling attitude unlike Justin Hartley who’s become so irritating to hear on Smallville.

Next movie is an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman.

James Benton as The Man of Steel does nothing for me but Anthony LaPaglia playing Luthor shows a little bit of potential even though the essential for me will always be Clancy Brown.