Smallville “Shield” Review

Micheal Shanks drops the gravel for Hawkman’s alter ego, as Carter Hall does Clark a favor by keeping an eye on Lois in Africa and giving us exposition to what we already know about his backstory. About the new “suit”, I expected a colorized version of his Emoman outfit from last year, but it’s okay. Minor complaint is he should’ve been wearing that two seasons ago.

Cat Grant who was previously played by Emilie Ullerup in last season’s “Crossfire” is recast to Keri Lynn Pratt. But instead of continuing where we left off with her as the anchor of Good Morning Metropolis, TPTB decide to reintroduce her as some bystander who changed her name because she and her son (reference to the comics’ single mom counterpart, who’s child is later killed by Toyman) are being stalked by Deadshot.

Bradley Stryker as Fyold Lawton looked like he stepped off the set of that P.O.S. Jonah Hex movie, especially with his secret lair being some warehouse out of the old west which was probably The Barn redressed since they love to recycle their sets.

Painfully, we got more Chloe worshipping and Oliver giving another annoying pep talk. Newsflash producers, that might’ve worked back when Clark was still mopping  about the first Human Kryptonite on The Kent Farm in previous seasons, but that stunt doesn’t work anymore. Plus, Mercy reciting a love letter was another cringe-worthy moment. And WTF is Jessica Parker Kennedy doing back as Plastique?! She’s one of the worst actresses in Season 8, first being Kristen Krusek.

Rating: 6

Next week is the dreaded episode where (again should never been brought in) Kara becomes the first public super as opposed to her rightful cousin.