Predators Review

I wasn’t thrilled about (cheap moneybag) Fox making another one considering the AVP films flat out sucked. But with Robert Rodriguez producing and the trailers, it looked interesting.

The first and second half of the movie has very good momentum, establishing characters, atmosphere, and setting. Very few jump-scares was a good sign, it’s been done to death.

There’s some excellent camera work like the P.O.V. shot while the group is falling into the water (ala Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the samurai duel with the incredibly badass Hanzo played brilliantly (because he had the least amount of dialogue) by Louis Ozawa Changchien.

Biggest problem is the third act falls into the trappings of the 1987 original. Adrian Brody is not action hero material. He can not deliver catchphrases like Arnold or Danny Glover could. Yet they hammer it up, especially by the final battle.

You had Danny Trejo, (Machete, which looks better when I saw the latest trailer before the movie started) Oleg Taktarov (Nikolai), Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (Mombasa), and Louis all reduced to supporting roles (Danny getting killed off early which was a total buzz-kill) that don’t get axed until the end. They all would’ve been much better leads then Adrian. Hell, Mark Wahlberg or Jason Statham would’ve been really cool.

Lawrence Fishburne was Mac with an imagery friend instead of Jessie Ventura. Alice Braga was Anna with a gun, but ends up as a damsel (Sonya Blade kicks ass in the beginning of the Mortal Kombat movie and then becomes helpless screaming).

While the duel was well shot, there’s one tiny problem with the whole thing. An old katana sword can withstand the blows of a Predator’s chopper? Are you kidding me? It’s alien tech, it should’ve sliced that blade in two, plus it’s ancient so there should be rust all over that thing Hanzo would’ve bother picking up. If it was a piece off another chopper that Noland stole during his time then I would’ve bought into it.

I can’t get over Topher Grace. He’s still Eric Forman from That 70’s Show to me and when he makes “the turn”, his expression is like he’s about to pass out. Overall, it had the potential to be on par with the previous films in the franchise but just inflates.

Rating: 6