Batman/Superman: Apocalypse Teaser

A glimpse of the ninth DC Universe feature after Under The Hood.

I never get tired of the female opera singer in trailers. She makes it epic, dramatic, and sad all at same time. Hope the score in the actual product is on par with this.

The great Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy are back and Eddy Asner (Up) returns (having played the character twice in Superman and both Justice League series’) as Granny Goodness. Animation has little a bit of the early Micheal Turner’s slender art style but Granny looks less like the ugly harlot from the DCAU, more leaning towards the Jack Kirby facial I’d guess.

Lauren Montgomery (director of Wonder Woman and also co-doing again with Sam Liu on the upcoming Batman: Year One adaptation, which comes aftertenth feature Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, where pre-Parallax Hal Jordan arrives in the future when Kyle Rayner was the new successor) is at the helm which is awesome (despite being involved in the making of that atrocity called Superman: Doomsday).