Smallville "Salvation" Review

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With the producers and writer’s pointless shipper, glaring plot holes, conveniences, and Deus Ex Machinas, (even though I’m normally not a big fan) this finale was much better then “Failsday” last year.

The flash forward to Clark’s future which involved quick shots of him as Superman taking flight to save a plane from hitting The Planet was a nice surprise. The glimpse of the actual suit at the end of the teaser, implies that stupid black outfit will be thrown in the dumpster (where it rightfully belongs) and the red and blue finally comes back after being out of the picture since Season 8 went to Tartarcus. As an added bonus, Boyscout takes charge of the dysfunctional group of heroes that will one day become the JLA.

With the mention of Apokolips from Waller at the end of Absolute Justice, the mysterious old lady (Granny Goodness) here and non-Kryptonians attacking Green Arrow, Darkseid is a guarantee for the final season (knock on wood at the very least a half decent closing) as Rob speculated.

After Kal-El delivers the biggest pow in the kisser to Zod (something we haven’t seen in the series since sending Bizarro up in the air in the Season 7 premiere) without saying a word, kisses Lois, speeds off, and right after that Clark’s soul mate figures out the secret.

I thought since Richard Donner floats around in the minds of the PTB, they’d pull the infamous memory eraser kiss, but thank Rao that didn’t happen. But they could still pull off that kind of fastball, to step back from the forward progression that there also notorious for.

Aside from said scene, I didn’t care for the previous Clois moment in The Kent Farm that echoed “The Secrets & Lies” mantra of Clana from the last eight years. This iconic relationship CAN’T fall into that horrible trapper.

Unfortunately Dumb Blonde still lives, but the only reason I’m not ranting and raving right now about Stalktower being nothing but a stereotype, news came out recently that Allison Mack will no longer be a series regular on the show anymore which has my swinging my arms up in victory.

Highly doubt Ms. Graves is really dead because nobody ever stays stiff for long in comics. She’ll either be cursed to spend eternal hell as either a brainwashed Female Fury (she’ll finally get payback from being denied the honor of putting a bullet into Chloe’s thick skull in “Persuasion”) or suffer in slavery on the fire pit planet that’s opposite to New Genesis.

Overall, Season 9 moved Lois & Clark another step forward in their relationship, with some excellent banter (The real kiss, movie night, and Lois’ heartwarming hug) that made the dreadful second half of last year a distant memory, but I still wouldn’t recommend this staller (S7) when it’s released on DVD.

Rating: 7