Smallville "Escape" Review

Since Lois and Clark’s romance has technically been moving slowly this entire season, it doesn’t make the episode worth it.

After the beginnings of another pointless shipper, It didn’t make sense for Lois to have her luggage at The Planet before her and Clark went to their B&B. That glaringly shows the short supply of sets they have because of the budget.

It’s like I’ve been theorizing they spent a big portion of the money on Absolute Justice, because I just can’t visualize this upcoming finale entitled, “Salvation” to be all that epic.

But on a lighter note, why I’m a Clois supporter is that apart from it being the iconic relationship of Superman lore, it’s the only ship that I’ve been enjoying since they brought her into the series and kept me onboard through the thick and thin.

In repeated viewings of the bedtime scene, I noticed Tom Welling and Erica Durance were mimicing their character’s awkward arm movements which was a nice touch since their new to this ciotus.

Silver Banshee is given something worse then Roulette’s treatment. The only reason writer, Genevieve Sparling (alias Dumb Blonde Central.) had the vengeful spirit of Sioban McDougal jump from body to body was just so the PTB can tease us out of another Clois moment that’s right on par with Drama Queen breaking up the first kiss between the starcrossed lovers!
Once again another anticlimax. But the voice alteration and effects on guest star, Odessa Rae were really good. Just a minor nitpick, it makes it more creepy that she doesn’t speak like in JLU and Public Enemies.

The Mercy/Zod scenes were totally out of place. She’s delusional in thinking that Kal-El working side by side with the future tyrant will bring peace and prosperity to the world once he got his powers. Now that he has them (Which I’ve said in my “Conspiracy” review is impausible.) the Pandora future is still gonna happen since she gives into his temptation and those Kryptonite weapons are still around.

Lastly, who cares about HPD (Human Plot Device) and Oliver Queen’s spontaneous “romance”? Honestly, that’s the shortest grieving period ever. “SSSllluuut!”

What the things that really pissed me off. The horrible things she’s doing and Boyscout knows it. THEY STILL PLAY OFF LIKE SHE’S STILL A TRUSTWORTHY SIDEKICK! OMFG! Lois and Clark are supposed to be doing that crap! As for Ollie, just pair him with Dinah Lance already and write him off ASAP. Quick stalling the inevitable.
Rating: 4

Next week is the Checkmate centric.

Like Drama Queen was the central plot for years on the show, Dumb Blonde has taken her place because she’s “The Watchtower”.

In a recent clip, Waller hammers Ms. Graves’ for her incompetence after The Emerald Archer gets out of their custody. Mercy’s character is all over the place because after the revelation in the JSA two parter, it appears she’s in over her head. I don’t see the logic there.