Smallville “Conspiracy” Review

Rob tells me to focus on the positive of Smallville, I can’t do that when an episode bugs the hell out of me like last night was.

About the Clois scenes, I’m skeptical about where their going with Lois working with Checkmate and keeping it from Clark. But I’d like to believe like what Lois did in “Identity” when she didn’t tell him about dating a psychopath to get a lead on a story to protect him.

Saving an enemy’s life, even someone with a black heart like Zod is what Superman would totally do. The problem with it can now be used as leverage for the producers and the Dumb Bitch to use and say “See, if he listened to her, none of this would’ve happened.” Never mind the fact that she flat out implied that the Failsday incident was his fault.

More fuel to the fire why I openly hate this character so much. Somebody give me a bat so I can bash this bimbo’s skull in. Really, it’s that damn frustrating, and on top of that, Oliver is still shady as to who’s side he’s on. Guess he learned nothing from Hawkman.

The future tyrant of Krypton going undercover at the Daily Planet was just another form of other characters stealing the lead character’s thunder, especially when he flew at the end after being healed by the supposed Last Son‘s blood. (Which shouldn’t work because the particles of Blue Kryptonite are part of their DNA, so technically he still shouldn’t have any powers.) To which Boyscout had better f##kin fly in the finale.

Rating: 5 1/2

Anyway, the preview for the remaining episodes of the season when it comes back from hiatus, again.

It was only a matter of time before Ms. Graves started shagging with the Major. Finally he’s wearing the black leather that he should’ve worn in the alternate future episode, but Kal-El has been clearly dumb down once again by the writers that he wasn’t suspicious in the slightest that Zod got the powers.

Look forward to The Man of Steel’s confontation with Waller, hopefully Lois will tell him about the black ops group by the end.

As for the tagline at the end of the promo “Who will be in control?”, I’m willing to bet that Chloe fakes her kidnaping, has been apart of Checkmate since “Roulette” where Ollie confronted Plot Device by throwing the chess piece down onto the cafe table.

By the end, Waller or Max Lord will kill her once the use of her character is expired (since it’s been long overdo) it’s the reward for all the sins she’s committed since the start of this show instead of like last year where Jimmy gave her the keys to the kingdom as it were.