Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Review

Wonder Woman was the pinnacle of DC Universe features that been made so far because unfortunately, this didn’t live up to expectations.

The art designed by Rick Morales and Jay Oliva on this movie was fantastic, different from the previous since the some of the same people at the Animation Department work on these films. Of course, James Woods delivered the goods as Owlman, Gina Torres did well for Super Woman, and Josh Keaton was a decent Flash, specifically the scene where the Justice League escape from the Crime Syndicate’s headquarters in the sky, runs out of hole Superman made, screaming “Oh Craaaaaaap!” on the way down.

You can’t condense a Multiverse story in 74 mintues because this still felt like an episode of the JL cartoon that Dwayne McDuffie originally wrote this for. Unfortunately aside from the actors I’ve just mentioned, no one else stood out as the voices were just average. William Baldwin had the deepness for Batman, but there’s no sense of character behind it. Speaking of which, while the cherography on the fights were good, Bruce should’ve been killed or still be injured by the punctured rip delivered by Super Woman. Also a slip up comes when Diana Prince murders two henchmen inside a loaded truck of crack with her lasso.

It would’ve been cool to see some cameos from the heroes and villains of the other parallel worlds. Would’ve made the film a little more epic. Since the annihilation of Earth Prime, which the master plan to destroy all reality, it would’ve been nice to see the ruin’s of Superboy’s domain, instead of it being a plain where existence was non-existence.

Overall, despite it’s problems I still enjoyed it for what it was, it’s just that it could’ve been so much better. The Spectre short film attached the DVD was well done with Gary Cole as the ghost detective, Jim Corrigan and written by Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame.

Rating: 6 1/2

The cast for the next one, Under the Hood looks interesting. Bruce Greenwood might take second place above Jeremy Sisto’s performance in New Frontier cause Kevin Conroy will always be number one. The rest sound good, Jensen Ackles (Red Hood), and once again, Neil Patrick Harris (Nightwing).