Smallville "Persuasion" Review

I missed almost the entire episode from watching the first Die Hard with the old man. But now that I’ve seen in it’s entirary, here’s what I thought.
Because of the characters getting infected by Gemstone Kryptonite (aka bulls##t because it’s just used for more plot conviences which the show is notorious for.) that writer, Ante Cofell Saunders came up with, Chloe in the “protecting Clark” excuse once again, actually comes very close to breaking up Lois & Clark.

Even though Alia, the ninja assassin from the premiere turned out to Jor-El’s murder (Okay I was wrong but that still doesn’t excuse Chloe’s actions and the fact she’s still witholding information about that device for the Book of Rao thingamajig), Mercy will still kill her, having seen her original fate in “Pandora”.

But the saving grace was that even Lois is getting fed up with her cousin’s den mother tude, Clark’s honest words for how much he loves her, and references to Lucy, The General, and especially Martha Kent, considering her and Perry White are coming back towards the end of the season were nice.

Rating: 5 1/2